Jesus is the Answer

As 2018 comes to a close, let me leave you with this last inspiration for the year. Jesus is the Answer you’re looking for. The Truth you hope to find in a world of uncertainty. The Hope you need in a world of devastation and sadness. The Peace you crave in a world of chaos. The Answer to all the questions you have about how to make it through in life is Jesus. The Only Answer is Jesus. All you will ever need is Jesus. He will provide you with everything you could ever need to make it through life. Only in Him will you find true contentment and fulfillment that lasts. Sure, we can find temporary fills that are nice in this world, but nothing compares to the fulfillment of Jesus, nothing compares to His Joy, His Peace, His Comfort, His Love. Jesus will fill every gap you have in life. From every pain you feel, Jesus will bring you peace and comfort. Seek Him. Love Him. Share Him. Follow Him. Jesus is the Answer. May all of you have a blessed 2019 and may everyone seek Jesus in the new year! #Jesus #Advent2018 #Christmas2019 #Bible #seekJesus #loveJesus #shareJesus #JesusistheAnswer #followJesus #NewYear2019 #shereadstruth