Breaking the Rules

I’ll admit, at times, I don’t want to follow the rules set before me. There are times I don’t want to go the speed limit, I want to take it as a suggestion instead. As a human, this is a given that we are not perfect, however this doesn’t mean we are excused. We still need to repent of these sins and seek forgiveness from the Father, who will freely give it. When Jesus came, He easily could have disregarded the law, He could have placed Himself above it but He didn’t. Jesus followed the law, God’s law. Jesus did so, so that we would have the Perfect Example to follow. Jesus set the bar for us to strive for and only through Him can we make it. We will never be perfect, we will break the rules, we will accidentally behave unlawfully (hello speeding) and yet Jesus is ready and willing to forgive us, we need only humble ourselves and admit our sins and seek forgiveness. It’s that easy. Go to Jesus, humbled by your imperfections and seek His perfect love and grace. #Jesus #seekJesus #Bible #Advent2018 #Christmas2018 #NewYear2019 #shereadstruth