The Emotional Mountaintop

As we approach the new year it’s easy to get lost in the valley below the great mountain that is the joy and excitement of Christmas. As with any joyous occasion, the buildup to Christmas can all come crashing down when it’s over. How do we keep the joy in the everyday? How do we carry on? By keeping in God’s Word and keeping close to Him every day. Go to Him in prayer, praise Him through worship, read His Word every day. That’s how to keep the joy. Remember joy is not happiness. Happiness is a fleeting feeling that is temporary, joy is a deeper blessing given by the Holy Spirit that gives us hope to carry on through the tough times and peace to help us through the mundane and overwhelms us with happiness during the good times. Go to God and you will find joy. Seek Jesus and you will be able to carry through the mundane. Hold Him in your heart and share Him with the world. #Jesus #loveJesus #seekJesus #praiseJesus #Bible #Advent2018 #Christmas2018 #NewYear2019 #shereadstruth