Jesus Came for Us

Jesus came to save us, to fill us and to give us all we need to live for Him. Jesus is the Perfect Example, He lived the perfect life in that He was faced with the same temptations we are, He felt the same weaknesses we do and yet He overcame all of them. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we too can overcome all the ways of this world that don’t line up with God’s ways. My mom once told our evening class at church that she didn’t fully understand what is meant by not loving the world. I told her that it doesn’t mean not to have love for God’s creation but rather do not love the ways of this world, do not place this world over God. Love God first, everything else second. To not love the world means to not love the sinful nature of this world, to love God and His ways above all else.

Are you living for Jesus? Are you following God’s will? Repent of your sins and accept Jesus, the Holy Spirit will guide you in God’s will. Let Him help you overcome all things. #Jesus #Bible #Advent2018 #Christmas2018 #NewYear2019 #shereadstruth