The Birth of the King

As we celebrate the birth of the King, let us remember that no matter what someone wears or where they come from or who they are, Jesus loves them and so should we. Every person needs Jesus. It can be so easy to get stuck in this idea that Christians must look a certain way or come from a certain place to be able to share God’s Word and that’s simply not true. Remember John the Baptist in His wild look and a diet of bugs and honey. Anyone that follows Christ and knows Him as their Lord and Savior can share Jesus and grow His Kingdom. Everyone needs Jesus. Everyone. Don’t let looks or material things sway you from sharing Jesus. Remember, you could be the last glimpse a person has before they’re taken from this world, don’t waste it on judgement that someone is unworthy of God’s love. Share Jesus. #Advent2018 #Christmas2018 #Jesus #JesusistheReason #ReasonfortheSeason #ShareJesus #Bible #shereadstruth